We now offer certified Samsung cell-phone / tablet repair estimates.

With over 10 years working directly for Samsung, our company can quickly diagnose and generate an accurate estimate to repair your phone or find a suitable replacement.

New Samsung Wearable Game hitting the store!

Wintey's Revenge is nearing it's final testing stages for release to the app store!

Building Android Apps for Business

Need to have a custom app or services on the go? Seek no further.

Bodhi Linux 3.2.1 released

This is our new favorite version of Linux. It is regarded as one of the fastest Linux distributions - esimple, fast and beautiful with the E17 window manager!

Go check 'em out at Bodhi Linux!

Updates to ALL applications.

We have updated our open-source applications due to a surge of recent activity on Sourceforget.net and Freshmeat.net. They should all be relatively bug-free and well-documented, at this point it's merely a question of feature-sets. Enjoy, and let us know if you like them or have any issues getting them to work for you!

New WebServer in place.

We apologize for the recent downtime, but we now have a streamlined, fully load-balanced, kernel accellerated, Apache web server!

Login for LatestLinux customers!

We have new groupware logins set up for our customers using our managed client services. Enter your username and password in the sidebar and login!

BattleNet for Linux!

Gamers look out! Check out this link for alternate BattleNet support for Warcraft III and Starcraft Broodwars! Follow this internal link for instructions on how to set it up and get cranking!

Note: We are NOT supporting software piracy, please go out and buy the originals so they can keep cranking out excellent games!
Alright, 'nough said... on to the gaming!

LatestLinux is growing!

A lot is happening here as of late. We are currently undergoing the development of several new projects. Check out our Products page.

New Site!

We're finished with the first restructuring of our company web site. Let us know what you think on our Contact page!