Open Source Developments

  • Time Tracking Tool - download

    A nice-looking Time Tracking Tool (TTT) that works in both intranets and web environments. TTT uses Perl (more scalable than PHP), Apache, and MySQL (doesn't get much better than this). The code is designed to be clean, fast, and scalable. Enjoy!

    Try our development (v0.97d) online demo here with new session tracking and user authentication! ...

    Current version 0.97d - Final beta.
  • Office Tournament Tool - download

    NOTE: if you are using RedHat, make sure you've installed the freetype-devel rpm!
    Most real distributions like Gentoo already have this taken care of...

    The perfect tool for keeping track of those office tournaments. This was originally written to track our office foosball games when we all started getting pretty darned good! It blossomed into the full fledged code that it is now. It requires no database to run currently, plans are in order to migrate the text (flat-file db) to MySQL.

    Try our development (v1.1) online demo here...

    Current version 1.1 - Stable.
  • Home Control Center - coming soon!
  • A really cool web-based control center for your server. I use it to control my Linux server in the basement from any web browser to play distributed audio, video, show phonecalls and faxes, and read email. Eventually, full home control is envisioned (eg., controlling lights, door-locks, video-surveillence, etc...)

    Current status: Near beta quality, need to finish up feature set and tighten up security (need to run suid root). I'll also pretty up the graphics a little soon.

    Modules currently working: XMMS player, Voicemail (through VGETTY), and WebEmail.

    Estimate: 30% complete.
  • Intel Wireless (USB mouse, keyboard, and gamepad) Drivers for Linux - currently under development!

  • Current status: Keyboard and Mouse working through normal HID, gamepad scancodes are being gathered from Windoze data...

    Estimate: 40% complete.

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