BattleNET Server
  WarCraft III instructions

  • 1) Ok, first take your original retail version of WarCraft III, and apply the 1.02 Blizzard patch.
    You may download that here or from BLIZZARD directly.

  • 2) Next, download the CD-crack and extract all the files into your Warcraft III directory.
    HINT: Just choose to OPEN the file and have WinZip extract it into the C:\Program Files\Warcraft III directory.

  • 3) Download the registry fix and apply it by simply executing the registry file (or run the file directly).

  • 4) Now, download the BattleNet gateway selector to your desktop. Run the BNetSelect.exe file and add a new WC3 server:
    • Click Warcraft III icon on the left.

    • Click the plus icon or Add Server.

    • Server name: LatestLinux

    • Host name:

    • Server timezone: 5

  • 5) Lastly, and VERY important, right click on your Warcraft III icon on the desktop
    and append a: -pvpgn after the final " in the Target field.

  • Now you can simply launch Warcraft III and LatestLinux is chosen by default when you click BattleNet!