Company Background
  Company history

Latestlinux is a software development company nested amongst the beautiful hills of southern New Hampshire. We specialize in custom applications for small to medium sized businesses. We've been in business for almost three decades now providing stability and time-proven software to our customers. Latestlinux was originally named CompuPhile and founded in 1992 as a service for friends and family. It quickly blossomed into work for some local small businesses and schools. As our focus shifted to more enterprise level architectures we began working mostly with Linux and decided to change the name to LatestLinux. Now we are a full-time software development house and consulting firm.

Our vision

At Latestlinux, we believe that service must be first and foremost. Our software and hardware solutions are designed to require little to no service, but when a problem should occur, we will solve it as if you were our only customer. If that level of service is ever in question we will begin rejecting new business until it's restored!

Our services

We provide programming services for both server-side and client-side applications. We use the latest technologies making use of Linux as a stable base and building from there for virtually maintenance-free systems... guaranteed. Please visit the services page for more specific information on our various services.