Software Development Services

Customized business software fit specifically to your company's needs!
Our base consulting rates are competitive. Reach out and we'll discuss a quote directly.
You may choose to pay us in several different ways,
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Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX accepted

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We also offer:
    Custom built hardware, with a 3-year to Lifetime warranty!
    Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Services, Samsung devices only, we can also safely backup and transfer data to your new Samsung device!
    Data and Disaster Recovery Services, recover crashed hard-drives, restore machines, and repair hardware.
    Intranet Solutions, to manage your small-to-medium sized company.
    Complete Hosting Solutions, we develop your website and manage it.
    GroupWare / Productivity, to access company email, calendaring, forums, and management all online!
    Online Transactions, set up credit card authorizations on-line!